Yorktel – Top IT Managed Services Provider for Digital Transformation

Climbing to the top ranks of Microsoft partners is no easy feat these days, but it is precisely what Yorktel has done. Through an approach that incorporates four decades of collaboration experience, along with knowledge of the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem, and understanding how one part ties to another, Yorktel’s holistic approach has allowed them to set the bar high and gain an edge over the competitors.

“Leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, we simplify the overall technology stack, optimize costs and maximize productivity as one global collaboration partner for your entire technology estate,” says CTO Jeremy Short. “Yorktel’s First Principals based, holistic approach to solutions and services enable enterprises and government agencies to elevate user experience in the hybrid workplace, he adds,” he adds.

As a Managed Collaboration Services Provider, Yorktel is all about end user experience, giving customers an opportunity to maximize productivity, cut down costs, and experience Microsoft at a level like never before. The execution of this plan is built on the consolidation and collapsing of the three legacy industries: AV, IT, and Telecom into what is best described as ‘Collaboration.’ Managing multiple vendor relationships is an enormous time and energy spend. Partnering with Yorktel, their clients realize a substantial reduction in the quantity of contract negotiations, financial commitments and relationship management, resulting in improvement in a metric they call ROT&E (Return on Time & Energy) which calculates true TCO as is relates to managing all the elements needed to deploy and manage business systems. This in turn directly leads to an improved technology ROI.

Through Teams Voice, Yorktel provides professional services as well as day-to-day subscription and management. As an FCC-regulated carrier, Yorktel provides its customers with additional options for enabling Teams Voice service. There is also a provision for direct routing which allows customization for the integration of legacy devices or systems in this service. Yorktel aspires to be a guide to all of its clients, especially in maintaining the security of the entire collaboration estate with Yorktel and Microsoft technologies. Strict adherence to global IT and Business Systems standards such as ISO27001, 02, GDPR, CMMC, and others is the goal, and Yorktel smoothly assumes the role of experience and compliance manager for all client endpoints to ensure achievement This way, they assure O365 and Azure are secure across  the entire environment. This holistic approach to collaboration makes Yorktel more of a partner, an extension, or an augmentation of the Team.

To understand Yorktel better, it is necessary to look at the company’s history. Founded in May 1985 by Dr York Wang, who was the lead developer with Bell Labs, the company has always made innovation a trademark of theirs. As the developer who had a role in creating the US Government’s first agency-wide videoconferencing network, the Federal Telecommunications Services 2000 (FTS2000), Dr Wang formed Yorktel to support the implementation of FTS2000. Within the first decade of its establishment, the company expanded worldwide, curating a long list of clients from various industries. Even the United States Department of Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) global warfighting system was put together with the assistance of the experts at Yorktel.

Spanning over 38 years, Yorktel has managed to provide outstanding services to Fortune 500, other enterprises, and ex-US customers through collaborative strategy, solutions and services designed to achieve their digital transformation objectives. The company has a clientele spread across North America, EMEA, and APAC, who are involved in multiple diverse market sectors.

The company creates success through consultative partnerships, global relationships, and a commitment to tested and systematic innovation. Many of its customers continue to explore refined workplace configurations to address the ongoing pandemic and the consequences of acute and chronic COVID-19, such as reduced staffing, variable worksite occupancy, and shifting “work from” locations. The company’s commitment to interoperability and hybrid infrastructure makes it possible for the team to fill in the gaps between platforms and add new use cases with time. The experts at Yorktel take immense pride in being able to support customers’ cultures and business contexts as professional peers.

As one of the leading Microsoft Partners of 2023, Yorktel has certain areas in which they excel, and their happy customers are more than ready to express satisfaction. One such area is security. With most people purchasing the Microsoft 365 E5 suite without understanding aspects such as full access to data loss protection, MFA, encryption, and so on, Yorktel helps customers with the adoption of Office licensing. With the company’s help, customers understand that they need not pay for third-party subscriptions and ultimately helping them reduce operating costs, and increase ROI, by utilizing functionality they have and what they have already paid for.

Yorktel has also become the one-stop-shop for many customers who avail of the Yorktel Continuity Managed Services. Through this service, Yorktel takes over the management of the entire collaboration estate, from Microsoft Teams Rooms to Voice, and desktop management and security. Even for those who don’t require the whole package, Yorktel offers Voice Solutions, a subscription-managed service, and consulting on professional services such as User-adoption and Azure Virtual Desktop.

The company also takes care to keep in touch with the recent trends in the Microsoft space. For instance, remote working and the decision to move back into office spaces have changed the way work is perceived. Yorktel is undertaking projects that make the hybrid workplace more efficient, enhancing elasticity. One such undertaking is working inside the Azure virtual desktop and operating it in a closed-loop system by turning on/off the Azure virtual desktop or specific security policies. In terms of remote offices and services, the trend of eliminating desk phones or devices and leveraging cloud-hosted infrastructure is something Yorktel is working on.

Mr. Short has a personal passion and an eye for technological innovations, particularly in the fields of XR (Extended Reality), AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and how Microsoft leverages OpenAi’s ChatGPT in their Azure ecosystem. Through his research, Mr. Short is able to identify potential applications of these newer technologies within Yorktel’s offerings to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of Collaboration tools.

Another commendable venture of Yorktel is its social initiatives. The company is a firm believer in going beyond business success to help and support the global community. The company is an active advocate for volunteering initiatives, charitable events, and awareness-raising campaigns. Recently, Yorktel has also taken the initiative for ALS Association Fundraiser – A Walk to Defeat ALS and Fish 4 a Cure. As a company that continually invests in the business and grows through credentials, it is no wonder that Yorktel has gained rank as a Microsoft Partner.

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