Zelros – Recommendation Engine for Insurance

As digitization rapidly takes over every sphere, the demand for digital systems in the insurance industry also increases. However, the sudden digital transformation is coupled with risks and a lack of awareness. Zelros, an emerging insurance tech leader, is on a mission to simplify complex insurance portals.

With a vision to equip companies and industries with a hassle-free and efficient navigation experience, Zelros designs unique AI solutions across multiple channels. It delivers premium services to combat customer challenges and insurance inaccessibility. Zelros’ AI/ML-driven technology enables its clients to boost their revenue, enhance the customer experience, and deploy cost-efficient services.

Tools incompatible with regulation policies, complex payment processes, and the changing economic system—all contribute to challenges in the insurance sector. Zelros’ solutions increase returns, protect customers, and reduce risks. The independent software vendor dedicates its AI tools to benefit insurance distribution. It allows enterprises across various sectors to combine fast-growing technology with profits and a user-friendly experience.

Zelros has been in the game since 2016. The company deploys AI experts, insurance industry specialists, and advanced tools to revolutionize the insurance climate. It allows its clients to control and customize AI according to their needs and objectives.

We believe that tomorrow’s leading insurers will be, first of all, technology companies, offering an outstanding customer experience. And Zelros will be at their side. We are driven by ambitious goals, and thanks to our collective work, we empower humans with explainable AI,” said Christophe Bourguignat, CEO and Founder of Zelros

The current insurance landscape demands innovative and tailored solutions—and Zelros delivers them. Zelros’ insurance specialized application is an AI engine, software, and platform. It empowers insurers, enables them to own the AI experience, and provides compliance and security. It runs on a secure cloud and on-premise network, offers enterprise-level data automation, and is compatible with regulatory compliance.

The application’s robust IT system uses a swift integration system to merge the current ecosystem with leading names, such as Microsoft 365, Guidewire, and Salesforce. It supports traceability and data connectivity, connecting all kinds of data, including claims, quotes, voice messages, and underwritten documents, using connectors and data schemas. The AI engine covers a range of operations, including claim handling, fraud detection, and tracking the lifecycle of critical AI processes.

Zelros’ AI software promises a high-quality insurance experience. It studies user patterns, behaviors, and needs to develop strategies and plans. Depending on their requirements and objectives, it creates different workflows. Its digital channels increase customer interaction, the data catalog provides access to relevant third-party information, and AI-trained models generate accurate reports.

Zelros has another AI weapon in its arsenal. Its new application, Sunflower Release, assesses risk data and combines the results with customer data. Real-time risk management allows insurers to detect and fix threats early on and improve product recommendations. It has an updated console that directly manages agent recommendations in the Admin Console. Its clients can regularly monitor and enrich user experience through upgraded recommendations.

Feedback platforms connect insurers and their customers. Sunflower’s advisor app supports an advanced feedback platform with a new design for collaborative feedback. Agents can sell points, communicate, and give and receive feedback from other agents. Users can explore new topics, filters, configuration tools, and descriptions with the new admin navigation.

User group management allows customers who share similar objectives to interact. Zelros enables customers to create new groups and share recommendations, regardless of location or role. This application supports an advanced algorithm that analyses user interactions to update recommendations, customize messaging, and send relevant and targeted product suggestions.

Zelros has helped multiple enterprises and industries over the past couple of years. One of Zelros’ clients, Matmut, a mutual insurer, has over 500 branch offices. Matmut required AI technology to help its 1500 advisors strengthen relationships with over four million customers. With Matmut’s environment and expectations in mind, Zelros designed tailored approaches to hit customer needs and create flexible workflows for advisors.

The insurance tech leader integrated its AI engine into Matmut’s CRM and in-house applications. The seamless integration enabled advisors to receive complete AI support, from customer touchpoints to quote development. This solution allowed Matmut to adopt new tools that personalized its requirements and design improved selling strategies.