zSpace – AR/VR Learning Experiences

Adaptive learning platforms are the need of the hour. zSpace is a trailblazer in the arena and has impacted learning like no other of its time. Incorporating the latest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology into each learning experience, zSpace is a step ahead in terms of innovative learning solutions.

Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace, says that the best thing about zSpace learning solutions is that “it’s not your average computer.” Rightly, the zSpace solutions are unlike the usual learning programs. “zSpace utilizes three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product,” he says.

Bringing the latest and very best of technology to classrooms can be concerning for educators. zSpace eliminates this fear factor, using interactions that are familiar and simple. With natural gestures and movements, learners are allowed to manipulate objects at 360°, granting them a screen-breaking experience.

Research has made it clear that people have varying learning styles. Auditory and visual learners have it easy in the brick-and-mortar education systems, but a few learners, such as kinesthetic and tactile learners, never find similar stimulating channels to aid their learning process. zSpace is the top solution for such learners today.

Realizing kinesthetic learning, learners can naturally move their heads and rotate their wrists using built-in tracking and a stylus. These tools help pick up, dissect, and interact with virtual objects. Engaging tactile learning with movement, testing, and trial and error in a non-traditional learning environment supports better retention and recall of information. When abstract concepts in maths, science, and CTE are presented in a visual format, the interactive experience becomes of assistance in making the impossible and unobservable phenomenon understandable.

zSpace technology’s ability to add depth to the least comprehensible and interesting topics incites curiosity in every student. Immersive experiences are indeed the core of the learning material that zSpace offers to its learners. The learning platform aims to assist educators with innovation and empowerment.

The learning solutions offered by zSpace are not limited to K-12 education. These solutions have also been tailored to fit a broader range of individuals. Shaping the future of education through the creation of new and improved learning and spatial content, zSpace is a part of the evolution of virtual experiential learning.

Students can utilize the VR/AR technology of zSpace to earn up to 33 industry credentials and supplement many other industry certifications. The suite of applications they offer is used in health sciences, advanced manufacturing, agri-science, and transportation courses, to name a few. The hands-on laboratory experiences and 3D engagement ensure that the student’s interest in the subject soars and they remain attentive to the course curriculum. Keeping the students interested results in better retention of information and molds them into well-equipped professionals.

Similarly, zSpace has also revolutionized postsecondary and advanced science education. Allowing colleges and universities to create custom content, experiences, and the environment to meet program and course needs, zSpace is equally transforming the face of higher education as well.

The education sector aside, zSpace has also developed solutions to up the game in the Esports community. Creating a gaming experience that is beyond what is predicted for this time, zSpace offers AI-accelerated performance and the lowest system latency. Gamers can now both create and play with uncompromised speed and performance without the fever of noisy and overheated systems.

zSpace, Inc. goes beyond everyone’s expectations, and this is seen in their academic esports gaming that delivers evidence-based instruction in science, math, and CTE. Indeed, zSpace foresees glowing opportunities to aid learning in ways others in the market have not yet succeeded.