10 Best HR Tech Companies to Watch in 2022


The Biggest HR Tech Industry Trends of 2022

Human Resources technology is one of the most important parts of the HR industry today, and it is always developing as technology advances. With these advancements in technology, we can see that HR has now taken a very clear shift of focus from simply working with company personnel to now including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

AI and ML help increase work efficiency, taking off a lot of the workload that would have been done manually otherwise. AI software now understands how to read candidate resumes with the help of Smart Forms, and it can also be used to deploy an employee referral system. Not to mention, Machine learning enables faster and more simplified HR tasks, while boosting productivity.

Another big trend, one that has been popular since the start of 2020, is remote working and hybrid workspaces. Online HR platforms are now being able to bridge the gap that once remained due to the pandemic, and companies are now able to access remote HR management, with digital tools like employee monitoring, attendance monitoring, recruitment, and much more.

With remote working comes the prioritization of cybersecurity. Now more than ever, employees do all their work digitally, with all Intellectual Property and other files being stored on the cloud, making it easy for cybercriminals to gain access to this confidential data. Company HRMs have now placed importance on teaching their employees about safety and training them on cybersecurity.

10 Best HR Tech Companies to Watch in 2022






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