10 Most Innovative Industrial Automation Companies to Watch in 2022


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Industrial automation is everywhere, and it’s impossible to picture a manufacturing line without it. Control systems and equipment, such as computer software and robots, are used in industrial automation to accomplish tasks that were formerly performed manually. These systems automate the operation of industrial equipment, minimizing the amount of operator interaction and oversight required.

Although things have calmed down a bit in the last year, the year 2021 will be remembered for its tremendous pace of invention and change. The global epidemic has had a significant impact on how we work, particularly how we may function when not physically there. The industry’s fierce competition now necessitates high-quality, reliable products at a low cost. The use of industrial automation is one of the most notable and influential solutions to this problem.

The possibilities of sophisticated technology, as well as our concerns about cybersecurity and the environment, are at the forefront of industrial automation innovations.

With the advancement of IIoT and more connections, a growing reliance on complicated software is required. To combat cybersecurity breaches, businesses are enhancing staff training and providing full information to consumers and suppliers.

IIoT technology can aid in the development of solutions that minimize energy consumption helping automation to shift toward more sustainable and renewable energy sources by 2022.

The industry is on the verge of experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. Manufacturing organizations must have a human-centered strategy in order to maximize the benefits of sophisticated technology, implement plans efficiently, and stay competitive.

10 Most Innovative Industrial Automation Companies to Watch in 2022



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