Cloud-Native Observability in the Experience Economy

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Cisco Launches AppDynamics Cloud to Enable the Delivery of Exceptional Digital Experiences

Think about our lives over the last two years—more and more of what we do is online. We use more digital services than ever before, and hybrid work means more interaction with SaaS tools and web interfaces.

We have very high expectations of these digital experiences. We want things to just work—personalized, reliable and consistent. If there’s a problem, we blame it on the brand and move on.

While it only takes a moment to switch to another app or service, companies can’t just instantly change things to improve digital experiences. That means they increasingly have only one chance to impress. Failure to deliver means previously loyal customers walk away.

We are now in the “Experience Economy.” Digital experiences, delivered through applications, are no longer just another channel to reach customers and end users—digital experiences are now the business. We can already see experiences getting more immersive, virtualized and augmented.

And application performance, security, and trust are at the center of it all.

The journey to Full-Stack Observability

Meeting user expectations is easier said than done. To deliver the consistent, reliable digital experiences that we now demand, internal teams must monitor and manage a dynamic set of application dependencies across a mix of infrastructure, microservices, containers, clouds, and solutions. Traditional application monitoring approaches break down in this vastly complex and dynamic ecosystem.

When it comes to making better digital experiences, you need to see more to solve more. Cisco’s answer is Full-Stack Observability with Business Context.

Full-Stack Observability delivers Visibility, Insights and Actions across the full application stack and its dependencies all the way to the end user. Our goal is to meet you where you are in your digital journey. We do this for traditional and modern applications, and across any hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Visibility looks at application performance around services and end-to-end connectivity, and at infrastructure to see applications and APIs from the cloud or data center to the edge. Insights are derived from metrics, events logs, and traces (MELT) data across many different areas of an organization, that is contextualized and correlated to reveal relationships and business impact.

Actions can then be taken in real time to optimize costs, maximize transaction revenue, and secure user and organizational data. Full-Stack Observability helps bring teams together—from tech to business operations—to solve problems holistically and deliver exceptional experiences to end users.

Full-Stack Observability in action

Full-Stack Observability is currently made up of three SaaS services and associated integrations—AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Cisco Intersight—allowing users to cover multiple use cases across Performance, Optimization and Security.

In terms of Optimization, aside from helping to ensure cloud-native applications are optimized for maximum performance with minimal cost, Full-Stack Observability also takes the guesswork out of resource allocation. In terms of Performance, it looks deep into the network and internet for visibility into issues that could impact the user experience.

Security is top-of-mind as threat vectors multiply in the Experience Economy. Full-Stack Observability embraces “Shift Left” with a one-stop solution to help businesses and their software developers adopt application security from the first line of code all the way through to runtime.

Cisco customers are already tapping into the value and agility that Full-Stack Observability brings to their organizations. That includes great companies like 3M, where Mary Lauber, Vice President of IT Quality and Release Management, says the journey to Full-Stack Observability means smarter insights, faster response times, and better digital experiences.

Introducing Cisco AppDynamics Cloud

With so many digital transformation opportunities, Cisco customers are asking for a more powerful, seamless way to gain cloud-native observability over their distributed, modern applications.

Today at Cisco Live, we launched the new AppDynamics Cloud. Built from the ground up with cloud-native observability, AppDynamics Cloud is about real outcomes, so you can fix issues when they arise—or even before they happen—and ensure digital services offer exactly what users want.

The main design principles of AppDynamics Cloud are simplicity, usability, and intuitiveness. It’s all there in a way that adapts to your needs. It ingests streams of telemetry data from across the entire application stack to deliver actionable insights into application performance and security.

With the flexibility, choice, and agility to use any service from any provider, AppDynamics Cloud users can also build and deploy applications—with application programming interfaces (APIs) at their foundation—that enhance and expand the digital experience.

AppDynamics Cloud will be released in General Availability at the end of the month, and some incredible customers are already using it.

They’re already getting better business outcomes and improving customer experiences by continuously optimizing their cloud-native applications with AppDynamics Cloud. They’re also speeding up detection and resolution of performance issues, before it impacts their business or their brand. Continuous data integrations with OpenTelemetry™ standards, and technology partnerships with cloud solutions and providers, extend their investment.

Full-Stack Observability from Cisco is fueling the Experience Economy, and by providing the 360-degree visibility and insights you need to take action and build great customer experiences, AppDynamics Cloud is a new, cloud-native onramp to the Full-Stack Observability journey.

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