New Accelerated by Intel® designation for partner solutions

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  • Solutions with the Accelerated by Intel unlock the potential of end-customer infrastructures through multi-faceted optimizations and security by design.
  • Accelerated by Intel® solutions streamline and automate the adoption of built-in Intel Accelerators and technologies enabling innovation and efficient scale. 

Intel has announced that it is offering a new designation for Intel-optimized partner solutions, Accelerated by Intel®. This new groundbreaking initiative is available for members of Intel Partner Alliance.

“We’ve been hard at work optimizing solutions for our partners and customers,” said Alyssa Fitzpatrick, vice president and general manager of Software and Services Partners at Intel Corporation. “This stamp of achievement indicates to the industry that these solutions have the latest Intel technology and are optimized from a hardware and software perspective.  Partners also count on Intel’s continued collaboration and support to generate maximum opportunities for growth.”

Intel is Accelerating Business Outcomes

The Accelerated by Intel brand signifies to customers the quality of the solutions powered by Intel technology to run customers’ workloads efficiently and effectively. The brand reveals to customers the accomplishments of the partners’ ability to achieve optimized solutions that are going to market.

“Many partners have already done the work to optimize their solutions on Intel’s hardware and software,” said Fitzpatrick. “This brand gives our partners more recognition for those achievements. It’s like the Intel Inside brand, however, it places emphasis on the adoption of Intel technologies and optimizations beyond the CPU.”

To be considered Accelerated by Intel, partner solutions must meet specific technical criteria, including: The solution must run on an Intel CPU; and it must either have an Intel CPU-feature-based optimization (such as SGX); or an optimized growth product (such as Intel GPU, Intel FPGA, or Habana); or Intel software tools-based optimization (such as One API, OpenVINO). Intel will review partners’ solutions and confirm they meet the criteria.

Intel already has 45 partner solutions that are Accelerated by Intel. Announced at RSA Conference, some security solutions by BeekeeperAI, Crowdstrike, F5, Fortanix, Noname Security and Zscaler are among those verified.

“We’re enhancing brand clarity and the partner experience,” said Fitzpatrick. “In a nutshell, we’re making a concentrated effort to bridge our go-to-market strategies through this new initiative.”

“In essence, we see the importance of making it known that Intel is not only inside the silicon that powers cloud instances, but we’re at the forefront of cloud marketplaces,” said Fitzpatrick. “Every partner will have confidence that branding themselves with Intel will differentiate them as a key player in cloud computing while simultaneously sending that message to their customers.”

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