Dell Partner First Strategy for Storage: What you need to know!

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Building on their momentum to innovate and drive growth within the partner ecosystem, Dell recently announced their new, global Partner First Strategy for Storage for even greater collaboration, predictability, and teaming.

So, what does this mean for our TD SYNNEX Dell partners?

Well, first of all, it’s great news! This huge investment in a deeper partnership and shift to a more channel-centric approach, means that you will be able to harness the growing opportunities in today’s business era (AI, multicloud, cybersecurity, and edge), where the need for data storage has never been greater. By going channel-first with its route to market, Dell partners have a huge opportunity to significantly increase the volume of business you conduct in the market. Here’s what you need to know about Dells fundamental shift and how it will increase your Dell Storage opportunities through the power of collaboration…

1)         More than 99% of Dell customers will be considered partner first for storage. To achieve this, Dell are compensating their sellers more when they transact storage through a partner. This will further incentivise Dell sales reps to work with you for storage deals!

2)         To drive even more momentum and predictability of engagement, Dell are increasing the number of accounts available for storage Partner of Record (POR) by 4x! Therefore, if a partner holds storage POR status, Dell sales reps will work with you as the POR on any storage opportunity they uncover within that account.

3)         And you’ll get rewarded along the way! You will continue to earn rebates and incentives through the Dell Technologies Partner Program, including acquisition rebates on the newly eligible Partner of Record accounts.

Dell recently hosted a very informative webinar which is available on demand here. The session will allow you to learn more about the Partner First Strategy for Storage, as well as explore all the benefits, tools, and resources available for Dell Partners selling Storage, Data Protection and HCI solutions. So it’s big, it’s exciting, and it’s there for the taking. This investment from Dell is a continued sign of their commitment to the partner ecosystem and the increasing importance that Dell places on the channel moving forwards. We are invested in this change and have the team in place to support the increased demand this announcement will surely bring, the future with TD SYNNEX & Dell is exciting!

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