Together, we drive progress: Dell Technologies and our most Strategic Partners

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In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, true collaboration is proving to be just as valuable as innovation. This is showcased in Dell Technologies’ recent Partner First Strategy for Storage announcement which doubles down on our commitment to partners by driving momentum and predictability.

We see strategic partnerships as critical to delivering robust solutions that meet the demands of today’s operating environment. Honing in on our partnerships with global advisory and strategy firms, these specific partnerships are rapidly becoming more instrumental in influencing and achieving client outcomes that drive human progress.

While Dell Technologies has long maintained strong relationships with select advisory, strategy, and technology firms, we are excited to accelerate this strength by bringing joint transformational solutions to market under a dedicated practice at Dell which I am excited to lead. Our focus is to co-create and deliver transformational solutions that enhance customer success. We are developing solutions with select new partners and expanding further with our mature and trusted partners.

Take the areas of cyber risk and security for example. We are seeing many financial services organizations and critical national infrastructure agencies grapple to meet the evolving demands of their regulatory environment. As a result, they are often exposed to increasing threat actors and vectors. Working with select leading advisory firms has enabled our mutual clients to invest in business and technology solutions that take into consideration the people, process and operating model that will make their businesses more resilient and prepared for a motivated attack.

Partnering with our ecosystem of Advisory and Strategy firms enables our clients to develop tailored hybrid and multicloud solutions that leverage the right balance of cost, risk and innovation while harnessing a complete set of capabilities from strategy, business, and technology consulting. Advancing at the edge requires a vision, which our partners help co-create with each client dependent on their industry and use case.

How we engage our ecosystem

Our team is driving a collaborative framework built on four characteristics for success, these include –

  • We are transformation minded – customers are transforming and modernizing at varying rates all with different needs and desired outcomes. Over the past year, we have seen a rise in opportunities to engage a wider set of ecosystem partners, often orchestrated by a leading advisory or strategy partner. This collaboration allows us to harness the true power of our ecosystem by bringing to the table a depth of knowledge to support customer transformational goals. At Dell, we seek to leverage a wide range of capabilities from a diverse set of teams across our organization ranging from product engineering, industry specific capability, transformational and commercial teams to our sales team. The power of this combined capability cannot be underestimated.
  • We are outcome centric – we understand our customers are looking for outcome-based solutions. In lockstep with our advisory and strategy consulting partners, we remain focused on providing vertical specific solutions across cybersecurity, multi cloud, edge, and generative AI. We further enable our partners and customers by leveraging APEX, our flexible consumption models coupled with world-class products, services, and solutions across our end-to-end portfolio.
  • We harness the power of partnership – to be a trusted advisor, we strive to develop deeper, sustained, and insightful partnerships. Alongside our advisory and strategy consulting partners, we continue to coinvest in joint commercial and technical bid teams to accelerate market growth and understand opportunities that will further enable our clients to achieve their goals. A true ecosystem is evident as our shared capabilities lead to differentiated outcomes while making it easier for our customer to engage with a set of partners who are deeply aligned.
  • We are values oriented – we partner with advisory and strategy consulting firms that believe a values-focused approach strengthens the way we deliver value. Our partnership often transcends beyond technology into human led joint initiatives. This is often the hidden magic that binds our teams together and builds a deep sense of trust and loyalty. Joint initiatives that contribute to a better workplace and planet – whether we are driving greater diversity and inclusion best practices, propelling sustainability as a core outcome for each transformation solution, or jointly opening our organizational networks to each other, in the areas of resource groups, mental health, or wellness, we are committed to sharing successes and learnings.

As we continue to build upon the joint strengths of Dell Technologies and our advisory & strategy consulting partners, we a presented with a unique opportunity in the short term to harness the power of our ecosystem. Collectively, we are unlocking value and driving new opportunities with generative AI along with new waves of innovation with our multi cloud capabilities.

We are accelerating our journey with each consulting partner. With a clear vision for success and a shared ambition to drive value and innovation, we are confident that this will make a real difference and lead to sustained positive change.

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