Global EmergeTech Summit – 2022

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Global EmergeTech Summit starting on 28th June 2022.

Management Leaders have been focusing on how their businesses can remain competitive in the era of disruption. Economies and Businesses are now folding in a fair mix of six technologies that constitute the gamut of emerging technologies – AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, Chatbots, 5G and AR. The adoption of these technologies is an important factor in propelling organizations that are looking to stay ahead of the competition and evolve. Countries in the Middle East are some of the leading nations globally in adopting emerging technologies. This can be primarily credited to the ambitious national ICT strategies established by these countries very early on.

Now more than ever, the accelerated adoption of emerging technologies like AI, Data, and Cloud hold the potential to enable the industry to recover and thrive from the impact of COVID-19. With this as a driver, we at Elahriex Concepts in association with the International Center for Strategic Alliances (ICSA), present the Global Emergetech Summit, to be held on the 15th of March 2022, in a Hybrid format. You can attend the live stream online or join us in-person in Dubai

Through the Global Emergetech Summit, we aim to explore how key technologies at the frontier, such as cloud and AI, to those that form the bridge to tomorrow, such as Big Data, IoT and Blockchain, are impacting businesses. The Summit will look into the current adoption of these technologies in the Middle East, along with the benefits they have to offer and discuss best and next practices that leaders & experts are following to foster a successful transformation.

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