Deep Learning Summit San Francisco 2022

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Deep Learning Summit San Francisco starting on 17th Feb 2022.

Featuring 4 Stages on Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Enterprise AI, & AI Ethics, the Deep Learning Hybrid Summit is not to be missed! Join 500 attendees & 90 expert speakers at the forefront of technological advancements and applications on 17-18 February 2022.

At the AI Ethics Summit, you will interact with academics, business leaders, and influential technologists to explore how companies are developing and deploying AI in an ethically responsible way.

The Enterprise Summit is your opportunity to interact with leading solution providers and technologists demystifying the latest AI applications enabled via machine learning to uncover its potential.

In the Deep Learning Summit, we will hear from industry experts and leading researchers working across an array of topics in AI development and AI applications.

The Reinforcement Learning Summit will bring together the latest academic advancements and discover emerging research, current and expected impact of these methods across sectors.

Speakers include:

  • Lex Fridman, AI Researcher, MIT
  • Maithra Raghu, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain
  • Richard Socher, CEO,
  • Danny Lange, SVP of AI/ML, Unity
  • Sudeep Das, Machine Learning Lead, Netflix
  • Dawn Song, Professor, UC Berkeley

Book your ticket using the code CIOCOVERAGE20 and enjoy 20% off all tickets!

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