MX Workmate – Nokia’s First OT-Compliant Gen AI Tool For Connected Workers

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The MX Workmate solution, based on on-premises edge technology, empowers connected workers to access real-time, contextually relevant information and interact securely and reliably with OT systems using natural language queries.

Today, Nokia introduced MX Workmate, a collection of tools compliant with operational technology (OT) standards, designed to simplify the interaction between industrial workers and machinery.

Leveraging Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies, MX Workmate generates human-like language content contextualized by real-time OT data. This empowers workers to comprehend intricate machinery, access real-time status updates, and enables industries to enhance flexibility, productivity, sustainability, and worker safety.

Across the globe, organizations are grappling with a shortage of skilled labor. According to a survey conducted by the global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, it is forecasted that by 2030, there will be a shortfall of 85 million skilled tech workers worldwide, resulting in a potential loss of $8.5 trillion in revenue.

Leveraging AI tools effectively can help alleviate some of the strain on HR resources while enhancing the capabilities of existing employees. However, the existing GenAI LLM solutions fail to meet the stringent demands of OT, encompassing reliability, availability, security, and data sovereignty.

As a B2B technology innovation leader, Nokia pioneers networks that sense, think and act by leveraging work across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. Nokia drives value through its intellectual property and long-term research, spearheaded by renowned Nokia Bell Labs.

Nokia MX Workmate tackles this by tailoring GenAI LLM tech for OT settings, incorporating all components into Nokia’s OT-compliant on-premises edge compute solution, MX Industrial Edge (MXIE). It integrates advancements like AI hallucination elimination via parallel LLMs and offers APIs for seamless communication with applications providing necessary OT data.

Through Nokia Team Comms, workers can query the assistant, which delivers real-time contextual information in easily understandable messages using natural language.

Furthermore, the solution will incorporate AI auditing features to ensure compliance with OT standards through real-time insights and automated analytics, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing errors. This new human-to/from-machine communication via natural language processing aids factory workers by providing real-time updates on production status, volume, quality, and recommendations for improvement. Additionally, real-time data analysis offers early warnings for preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime, while continuous risk assessment promptly delivers safety instructions during emergencies.

Reece Hayden, a Senior Analyst at ABI Research, observes that since 2023, there has been an increasing interest within the enterprise segment in embracing generative AI technology. He further claimed that despite this, stringent OT requirements have hindered deployments on production floors. He stated that Nokia MX Workmate, the inaugural Gen AI solution for production environments, adeptly addresses these challenges, facilitating secure, reliable, and contextually relevant information exchange between workers and OT systems.

Stephan Litjens, Nokia’s Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, highlighted the crucial role of AI in driving industrial transformation. He further cited that MX Workmate harnesses the synergies of Nokia’s One platform for mission-critical wireless connectivity and OT-compliant on-premises edge computing for Industry 4.0 applications and worker devices. He added that the GenAI LLM capabilities of MX Workmate are poised to revolutionize the OT landscape, empowering industries to enhance their teams’ proficiency, optimize efficiency, boost productivity, and seamlessly integrate IT/OT operations.

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