Hamas-Gaza Hostilities On Hold? US President Joe Biden Unveils New Strategic Approach

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After supporting Israel for months, Joe Biden has changed his position and declared his backing for a temporary ceasefire in the conflict.

The U.S. President, Joe Boden has suggested a potential solution to the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict by actively pursuing negotiations between the two opposing sides. Following discussions with Jordanian King Abdullah II, Biden has floated the idea of a six-week pause in fighting to aid in the release of further hostages held by Hamas.

Biden, speaking alongside the King, stated that the fundamental aspects of the agreement are under consideration but acknowledged existing gaps. He pledged that the U.S. would exert maximum effort to facilitate a resolution, proposing a ceasefire lasting at least six weeks and the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

Suggested peace agreement for the Gaza conflict

The proposed agreement aims to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with around 100 hostages still held by Hamas out of the 240 taken during the October 7 attack.

Approximately 100 were released in a previous ceasefire in November, while it’s believed that militants are holding the remains of over 30 others, most of whom died in the October 7 attacks.

Biden stated he has communicated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as leaders of Qatar and Egypt, in efforts to advance this initiative.

The President, under scrutiny for his backing of Israel, also emphasized the tragic loss of innocent lives in both Gaza and Israel. He reiterated his warning against Israel launching a full-scale attack on Rafah, the last major stronghold of Hamas, home to over 1.3 million people.

Biden emphasized that a considerable number of more than 27,000 Palestinians killed in the conflict were innocent civilians, with thousands being children. He noted that hundreds of thousands are deprived of essentials like food and water, while many families have experienced multiple losses and face challenges in mourning and burying their loved ones due to safety risks.

We cannot afford an Israeli attack on Rafah – King Abdullah

During the meeting, King Abdullah II underscored the importance of securing a lasting ceasefire, asserting that the conflict must come to an end. He commended Biden’s leadership in tackling the crisis and urged immediate measures to avert another humanitarian disaster.

The U.S. administration has actively pursued diplomatic initiatives, with reports indicating the establishment of a framework for the agreement. Efforts are concentrated on securing a temporary ceasefire, facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance, and ensuring the release of hostages.

Biden’s stance signifies a change, having previously objected to a permanent ceasefire and emphasized the prevention of Hamas retaining control over Gaza. The situation is intricate, with ongoing deliberations regarding the future political and military governance of the region post-conflict.

The meeting between President Biden and King Abdullah II is a display of continuous diplomatic endeavors, with the U.S. striving to assume a pivotal role in addressing the Gaza conflict and strategizing for the aftermath.

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