10 Innovative Molecular Diagnostic Companies to Watch in 2021

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Pushing the Boundaries of Molecular Diagnostics

Genomic science continues to advance and improve the ways we diagnose and treat patients seeking answers and treatments.  The applications of this science are allowing for more targeted diagnosis and personalized treatment than was ever possible.  The areas where we can continue making advancements with the ability to analyze biological

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Facts to Know about Robotic Process Automation

RPA stands for robotic process automation, which is an automation technology that uses robotics and/or artificial intelligence (AI). RPA is regarded as the future of automation testing, with a distinct methodology and numerous advantages. It differs from the conventional automation

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BPA vs RPA vs Process Optimization 101

I often hear the terms Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) used interchangeably, and while they are both important to improving processes in an organization, they are different. I’ve also included an overview of Business Process Optimization

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