Top 10 Leading Robot Process Automation Companies to Watch in 2021


Robotic Process Automation

Rewind a few years from now, and the mandate of the industries was to implement manual labor to get tasks done. Even a simple yet ambitious thought of transitioning from simple back-office task automation to scaled automation, to manage time-consuming business operations was considered outrageous. But time waits for no backward beliefs. Consequently, things that looked impossible are now industry norms.

We are living in this blessed era of technological wonders and Robot Process Automation has made things appear like they have come straight out of a science fiction universe. With the ease and speed of classical RPA, it allows you to automate more business and IT operations at scale. Bots or software robots are acting on AI insights to accomplish activities quickly and efficiently, allowing businesses to achieve digital transformation.

Companies; irrespective of their size and scale, are implementing autonomous bots to automate and expedite tedious, repetitive operations like inventory management, data collecting, and reporting, order management, and payroll calculations, among others. This has been made feasible by adoption and integration of new technologies.

With appropriate data linking with RPA, big companies are leveraging big data to gain essential insights and a comprehensive understanding of their business processes. Being able to keep an eye on the operations has allowed c-suite executives to assess their organizations’ efficiency and execute their missions precisely.

Top 10 Leading Robot Process Automation Companies to Watch in 2021

Blue Prism

FPT Software

NTT Advanced Technology Corp.

Redwood Software


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