Top 10 Leading Teleradiology Solution Providers to Watch

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Teleradiology – Leading the Way Towards Precision Medicine

Teleradiology refers to the incorporation of telemedicine in radiology, wherein, diagnostic imaging studies are transmitted from one location to the other for a remote radiologist to consult or interpret. 

Though teleradiology is a relatively new practice, it is being widely adopted by hospitals, specialist imaging companies, and urgent care clinics. The primary reason behind its rapid implementation is because it effectively addresses the lack of adequate resources to provide in-person radiological services and the lack of expertise in this specialty.

Teleradiology has several advantages, that include enhancing patient care by giving leading radiologists and radiologist specialists like MRI, neuro, or pediatric radiologists an opportunity to provide their expertise without being physically present with the patient. It also enables radiologists to consult or collaborate with other doctors so a rapid, accurate diagnosis can be made. 

The entire process of teleradiology can be divided into a triad – an image sending station, a fast transmission network, and a receiving image station with a high-quality display that adheres to clinical regulations. Today, teleradiology companies even offer specialized computer programs, that have the capability to send clear radiological images with the same ease associated with sending email attachments. 

Teleradiology is also economical for healthcare facilities. The provision of these specialist services to manage patients at small clinics without on-site specialists is undoubtedly effective in providing much-needed, high-quality care which would otherwise be inaccessible to patients.

Top 10 Leading Teleradiology Solution Providers to Watch

Carestream Health Inc.

Cerner Corporation

Novarad Corporation



USARAD Holdings, Inc.

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