10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Solution Providers 2021

In the past decade, technology has advanced across the globe and has had a largely positive impact on all sectors. But with this advancement, the global cyber threat has continued to vehemently evolve, and every year the number of data breaches seems to only contribute towards a steep upward graph. The need for cybersecurity is more pronounced than ever, to protect sensitive information, the breach of which would lead to consequential repercussions. Though any business that uses networks and programs is appealing to malicious cybercriminals, some sectors are more susceptible to cyber threats, such as medical services, public entities, and retail organizations. Cybersecurity platforms are designed to fervently secure devices, programs, and data from unwarranted attacks, damage, and access. There are five main types of cybersecurity: critical infrastructure security, application security, network security, cloud security, and Internet of Things or IoT security. These five systems defend the various aspects of critical and non-critical cyber-physical systems. With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated and skilled, day by day, no company is immune to the threats of cybercrime and must stay vigilant about their security vulnerabilities. The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US has stressed that a cybersecurity framework needs to be adopted by all leading corporations, to counter the proliferation of pernicious code and aid in its early detection process. The framework recommends the continuous real-time monitoring of all electronic resources. Cybersecurity platforms provide essential tools to govern the conduct of interaction with computer networks, protect systems and businesses from malicious activities, to help prevent the breach of confidential information.

10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Solution Providers 2021​





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