Cisive- Empowering Ideas Through Better HR

Procurement and management of human resources play a major role in determining the profitability and growth of any organization. Investing in HR tech (Human Resources Technology) is not just about containing costs and mitigating risks; it also ensures that the organization’s long-term strategies are met without any obstacles.  With over four decades of expertise, Cisive […]

Recruiterbox- Keep your hiring in one place

Getting a better, all-round understanding of employee-related processes is one of the foundation stones of any organization’s future. HR tech is an exceptional tool that ensures both success and progress, in a way that benefits employees and HR administrators alike. It streamlines the organization process, and alleviates the burden of HR professionals, giving them more […]

allsynx – Benefits Enrollment Done Right

Any company indubitably owes a part of its success to its employees. HR is a strategic partner to companies by assisting with the development of employee policies and selecting employee benefit packages. Revolutionary technological tools can help bolster an organization’s ability to leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence into its novel strategies. Through introspection and […]

ScienceSoft- Software Consulting And Development For Your Digital Success

As our dependence on mobile devices and applications is surging rapidly, a resolute system efficiently designed to protect the cyber environment is nothing short of indispensable. Several technological devices are used to store sensitive information pertaining to personal details and financial or fiscal matters that could have severe consequences if the security is breached.  The […]

Bayshore Networks- Making Industrial Cybersecurity Practical and Affordable

CIOs with responsibility for securing production plants and factories would agree that there never seems to be sufficient human capital to secure, manage, and respond to safety and availability requirements of industrial networks and control system endpoints used to produce their company’s goods and services for our world. What’s needed is the ability to apply […]

Radware Cybersecurity: The Path to Complete Protection In A Constantly Evolving World

Technology is only as good as its strongest line of defense. The massive boom in online spaces and computer networking has often seen an unprecedented and even unparalleled level of growth in advanced hacking algorithms and infiltration systems. This underlying threat to the global market and individual security has always been intrinsically linked with the […]

Fidelis Cybersecurity: Extended Threat Detection and Response

Cyber Security That You Can Trust Fundamentally, our society is even more reliant on technological systems, than ever before and this trend is only set to increase multifold. Fuelled by global connectivity and the dependence on cloud storage services, the cybersecurity risk is soaring rapidly. Generic firewall systems, and antivirus software, are no longer enough […]

Axiom Metrics- Data-Driven Studies: Faster and smarter results delivered

In a world currently engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have never been more important. In fact, they have played a vital if not an invaluable role in the development trials of the COVID-19 vaccine. But the integral question remains, what does Axiom Metrics bring to the table that is devoid […]

Veeva Systems – Cloud-Based Business Solutions for the Global Life Sciences Industry

Cover Story Clinical trial processes are vital, evaluatory research methods, wherein the effects of new medical treatments and drugs are tested on voluntary participants across four phases. Though clinical trials are meticulously designed, there are unforeseen obstacles such as discordant systems, regulatory restrictions, and siloed data that may hinder their seamless functioning. A Clinical Trial […]

Bioclinica: Bring Clarity to your Clinical Trials

Mitigating Unexpected Trial Disruptions With a Flexible CTMS Delivery Model As we enter the eighth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in numerous industries are feeling the financial consequences of the disruption of normal operations. For clinical trials, many studies have been either slowed, suspended or even terminated due to safety precautions for participants and […]