FreeWave Technologies- Empowering IOT with a More Intelligent Edge

IOT technology and applications continue to evolve at a blurrying pace. Big data is everywhere, but in many industries is not easily accessible or actionable. The biggest challenges enterprise CIOs face comes down to data visibility – particularly at the edge of their networks. Today, there is a pervasive view that designing a network that […]

Agilent Technologies

“We have a responsibility beyond making a profit”, according to Mike Millen, the company president and CEO of Agilent Technologies, Inc.  In the constantly evolving world of Laboratory Management Information Systems, companies providing LIMS solutions compete to offer the best quality services and systems. While many such companies adopt new models to integrate a pandemic-friendly […]

Advanced Technology Corp

The world of veterinary medicine has significantly smaller margins than human medicine. Companies within this sector have to be tremendously cost effective in order to meaningful contribute to veterinary operations. Innovations in technology and internet accessibilty have created opportunities for some software companies to make a meaningful impact in the areas of operations and workflow. […]

Mokanix- M2M SIM cards that give you the power to simply manage your IoT solution

Since the international community became acutely aware of the need for urgent action to limit global warming, and 195 countries signed up to the Paris Agreement in 2016, the world has embarked on a process of transition towards low-carbon energy. Switching from a high-energy-consuming economic system to a less energy-intensive, more sustainable model will require […]