World Data Virtual Summit 2021 | From Home

CIOCoverage is an official media partner with World Data Virtual Summit 2021 Join our entirely Virtual World Data Summit in order to explore the latest developments, innovations and best practices within a Data & Analytics industry. During our Event you will connect, interact and exchange ideas online with like-minded practitioners & Top Level Guest Speakers. […]

2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Big Data Virtual Summit

CIOCoverage is an official media partner with MarketsandMarkets Big Data Virtual Summit. Use Code MM-CC and avail 30% Discount while registering with CIOCoverage. Find us here. Identifying the Key Aspects of Big Data and Incorporating them in the business processes With an increasing amount of data, it has become vital for organizations to incorporate Big […]

ONUG Spring 2021 | Claim Your Free Spot with CIOCoverage

Claim Your Free Spot with CIOCoverage Join a global gathering of IT and business leaders who are building, running and securing the enterprise cloud. Participate in interactive discussions, Q&A, and  keynotes delivered by world renowned business and technology leaders. From infrastructure, to platforms to software, you will meet the companies and individuals empowering the creation […]

American SCMS (Supply Chain Management Strategies) Summit 2021

CIOCoverage is an official media partner with American SCMS (Supply Chain Management Strategies) Summit 2021. For all our dear readers and visitors, please use CODE- CIO20 to get discount The American SCMS Summit is a hybrid event! We know that although demand for physical events is high, many companies and countries have travel restrictions in […]

Digital PayExpo 2021 | 50+ Exhibitors from across the world

CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Digital PayExpo 2021 for Digital and Contactless Payments special edition. Nearly a year of trial-by-fire, pandemic-era learning within the payments business has not only provided some great lessons but has also set the stage for some major advances in 2021 and beyond. E-commerce is growing rapidly, with worldwide […]

Sword GRC- There’s a better way to manage risk

Globalization presents risks and opportunities, both of which can have significant impact on business performance. Given the pace of change in innovation, the ever-evolving complexities within the risk, governance, and compliance landscape, plus the inherent supply chain risks that stem from our global economy, organizations today need both agility and resilience. Sword GRC, the market […]


Financial risk mitigation and management have been one of the leading global themes that have demanded professional scrutiny time and again. This financial focal point has been explored and re-explored under varied economic backdrops to ensure that the industrial cogwheels keep running smoothly. The dynamic economic landscape demands adaptability and innovation. Now, more than ever, […]


Modern businesses face a myriad of obstacles and potential dangers from crucial decisions that involve legal and human resources management to financial risks that may damage the company’s reputation.  EDM (Enterprise Data Management) is a plan-based business strategy that identifies, assesses, and proactively prepares companies for any risks that have the potential to interfere with […]

Brasco Enterprises, LLC- Leaders in Turnkey Solutions for Emerging Markets

The modern world is shaped by the dynamic nature of industrial shifts and technological revolutions.  Globalization has presented industries with numerous new channels to explore and expand into. But on the flip side of this paradigm, we also see increased pressure and scrutiny on company’s directors to stay on top of the game. Today’s rapidly […]

The Open Banking Revolution – Time for Change

What is Open Banking and why should I care? Open banking is the use of public application programming interfaces — most commonly called Open APIs — to enable third-party developers to build apps and services around more traditional banking and financial services In addition to the Open APIs empowering this, open banking also refers to […]