Digital PayExpo 2021 | 50+ Exhibitors from across the world

CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Digital PayExpo 2021 for Digital and Contactless Payments special edition. Nearly a year of trial-by-fire, pandemic-era learning within the payments business has not only provided some great lessons but has also set the stage for some major advances in 2021 and beyond. E-commerce is growing rapidly, with worldwide […]

The American Food Innovate Summit

The American Food Innovate Summit is going virtual!  In a new normal where travelling is difficult, we are fortunate to live in a time where technology allows us ways to get around the restrictions. Join us online next March, alongside leading food innovators, professionals and experts discussing the newest innovations, technologies and developments in the […]

DataOps Champions, Online | February 2-4, 2021

Avoid your project being one of the 50%+ of Data projects that fail. Attend DataOps Champions, Online to gain the tools you need to ensure success. Every project starts with good intentions, goals are established, people are assigned, plans are created and the work begins. Then why is it that 50 – 80% of Data […]

The Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare, May 31-June 4, 2020

Join us in Las Vegas for The Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare (formerly Mega-PAW), our largest event to date, with eight tracks of sessions covering the commercial deployment of predictive analytics for Healthcare. Register to attend one or more of MLW’s five co-located conferences. Find us here:

International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Coalesce Research Group invites all the participants across the globe to attend the ‘International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Data Science’ scheduled on Nov 11-12, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Data Science 2019 offers an excellent opportunity to meet and make new contacts in the field of Big Data, by providing collaboration spaces […]