Enterprise Risk Management and the Unprecedented

The 21st century opened with a slew of “unprecedented” events crash, 9/11, the financial crisis of 2008, SARS, Eboli, BREXIT, and COVID-19 to name a few.  So many that one has to wonder if “unprecedented” is the new normal. This onslaught highlighted the need for improved risk identification and a more effective way to quantify […]

The Traditional Risk Management Puzzle-5 Essential Pieces to a Strategic Platform

Traditional Risk Management (TRM) is comparable to a very complex puzzle with many pieces that have many connections and relationships. The industry norm/tendency is to jump into the middle of the puzzle and start working. The problem is that TRM is a complex but smaller puzzle that fits inside a larger “Enterprise Risk” puzzle. Many […]

Enterprise Risk Management – Structure to Your Business Success

Embracing foundational principles of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) will be one of the most powerful things an organization can do to put structure to its success. ERM is a “Risk Based” approach to operating your business that applies logic to overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of opportunities. Its ROI can be significant and its value […]

The Next 40 Years of Emotion AI

Each year, Fortune compiles a list of young leaders that they consider to be among the most influential young leaders for the year. The leaders included on this year’s list certainly set a high bar. I’m especially proud to be listed alongside so many inspiring female leaders, as this year’s 40 under 40 includes more […]

Post-COVID: Is Your Work Environment Safe Enough?

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing significant operational challenges for many businesses across the world and, as more employees are being encouraged to return to work, providing a safe working environment should be the top priority for any business owner. To decrease the spread of the virus many businesses have moved away from traditional workplace environments […]

How can Instagram influencers help restaurants?

All sorts of businesses promote themselves on Instagram these days, but the social media platform has had a huge impact on the restaurant industry in particular. There are a number of ways restaurants can use Instagram, but in this post we’re focusing on influencer marketing. Influencers are people with accounts that have a sizeable number […]

How to deal with negative reviews

With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for all types of food and drink businesses across the globe. It allows you to express the human side of your business and keep your audience up to date and entertained with news and engaging posts. But it’s not just social media […]

Food for thought: How wholesalers can adapt to a B2C model

Foodservice has been firefighting the impact of the hospitality shutdown on cashflows, assessing how changes will affect margins, and working to protect their supply chains. Now the dust is beginning to settle, the landscape is looking very different in the sector. For foodservice and wholesalers, a move to B2C means a change in your competition. […]

What Healthcare Can Learn From The Apple Watch

Today, our healthcare system is making a drastic change from providing care as a service for the sick, to empowering and engaging people as partners and owners of their health and well-being. Take last month’s Apple news as an example. A device that was originally created for a seamless consumer technology experience now allows users […]

Educators promote parental involvement in education plans

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. – Toni Nelson is the coordinator of the Family Support Resource Center, and she assists parents of children and young adults with special needs. However, she too, has personal experience in the matter. “My son completed his education at the age of 21, and that encouraged him to get more job skills,” […]