Top 10 Leading Google Partners to Watch in 2022

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Google’s Tech Upgrade in 2022

Google recently announced that it will use artificial intelligence advancements, including a new technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM), to improve Google Search. At the Search On event, the company demonstrated new features, including those that use MUM, to better connect web searchers to the content they’re looking for, while also making web search feel more natural and intuitive.

One of the new features is called “Things to know,” and it aims to make it easier for people to understand new topics they’re searching for. This feature learns how people explore different topics and then shows web searchers the aspects of the topic that people are most likely to look at first.

According to a “Think with Google” study, 85 percent of Gen Z teenagers would use YouTube to find content regularly, and 80 percent said YouTube videos had successfully taught them something. Other research has shown that Gen Z prefers to learn about new ideas and products through video rather than text, native ads, or other content formats.

By leveraging YouTube’s large reach, this change may also help to drive more search traffic to Google. According to studies, many Gen Z users search for online content differently than older generations. They frequently use multiple social media platforms, have a mobile-first mindset, and are interested in video content.

Because the shift to mobile is affecting Google’s search dominance, this type of addition may be required. Many mobile shopping searches now begin with Amazon. Furthermore, when iPhone users require assistance with a specific task on their phone, they frequently turn to Siri, Spotlight, the App Store, or a native app.

Top 10 Leading Google Partners to Watch in 2022

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