10 Fastest Growing Contact Center Companies to Watch 2021


Cloud is Where BPO’s Fate Lies

Over the last year and a half, contact centers have gone through an unprecedented period of transformation and innovation. The innovative factor was COVID-19, and the advancements are here to stay. The contact center industry was severely impacted. As a result of significant and unforeseen changes in call volumes and a boom in the usage of digital channels, mass migration to homeworking occurred.

Contact centers now have their sights firmly fixed on the future, having successfully addressed the operational modifications required to function during the lockdown. Leaders of contact centers are assessing the adjustments they’ve made to determine which are transitory and which will last.

Client service businesses have long struggled to keep up with the constantly shifting landscape of customer expectations. No other industry has had to adapt and change more swiftly to the new era of the empowered consumer, the rising number of communication channels, and the new millennial employee’s challenges. And the contact center, because of its unique location at the intersection of customers, channels, and staff, has been at the forefront of customer service evolution for decades.

Companies’ reliance on the cloud has grown considerably as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and concomitant stay-at-home restrictions. Companies relocated their agents to home offices and set up cloud-based contact centers to continue doing business as usual. Businesses that adopted the cloud quickly realized the advantages it provides, such as increased company agility, business continuity, improved security, increased productivity, and improved agent experiences.

10 Fastest Growing Contact Center Companies to Watch 2021





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