10 Innovative Food Packaging Companies to Watch in 2021

The food and beverage industry encompasses all the organizations that are involved in the transformation of raw goods obtained through agriculture, into finished products, fit for consumer use.

Food processing, packaging, and distribution make up the overall supply chain of this industry. Food packing includes egg cartons, meal trays, food containers, and many more. The main aim of food packaging companies is to enclose food to protect it from tampering or biological, chemical, or physical contamination.

These companies can be categorized into manufacturers, who make and sell the packaging, and brokers, who only resell the packaging. In this industry, equipment plays a key role in ensuring that food can be put into its packaging at high production volumes.

In addition, the packaging process should be clean, hygienic, and comply with all necessary regulatory requirements. Food packaging companies are constantly innovating. The most important trend that is making a global impact, is that of sustainable packaging.

Consumers are shifting towards eco-friendly food packaging that is truly compostable. A study stated that nearly 75% of people were gravitating towards sustainable packaging, and were willing to pay more for it.

Recyclable and truly compostable packaging is the need of the hour, especially with several countries around the world, including the USA, and EU banning single-use plastics, and poly-fluoroalkyl substances which were used to make the packaging water-resistant.

The food packaging industry has risen to this challenge, and some unique innovations seen in this sector include water-soluble packaging for liquids, edible packaging, antimicrobial packaging in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, clay-based nanotechnology to make fast-degrading film packaging for edibles, and organic, plant-based packaging.

10 Innovative Food Packaging Companies to Watch in 2021


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