10 Top Home Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2022


The home healthcare industry is one that revolves around love and passion. An increased global demand for value-based healthcare has driven an unprecedented growth in the need for quality home healthcare services. 

In 2021 alone, home healthcare was a market valued at 198.9 billion dollars, and its global reach is projected to reach 298.2 billion by 2026! Home healthcare with its evidence-based practices, standards of care, personalization, and convenience had quickly become the go-to for the elderly. 

Individuals were able to immediately perceive the benefits brought forth to them as a result of home healthcare services. The most ovbious of them being the reduced need for trips to the hospital, as a result of expert medical care broguht straight to their home. This allowed the older generation to continue to live their life as normally as possible, and for as long as possible. 

Modernization hasn’t been the only growth factor for the home health care industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to this. Home health care was nothing less than a bright light in a rather dark tunnel offering specialized care to those most in need during the course of this deadly pandemic. Especially as people started pushing off visits to the hospital, and cited the fear of contracting COVID as an excuse to delay receving care. Home healthcare has and will continue to to change the course of the healthcare industry as a whole as it continues to adapt new technologies, evolve, and take strides towards a healthier, more independent future, for many. 

10 Top Home Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2022

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