10 Innovative Data Analytics Companies to Watch in 2022

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Data Analytics to Stay Atop the Game

Data analytics is now a major factor in driving new growth, efficiency, resilience, and innovation. It is being increasingly leveraged by startups and enterprises of all sizes to get ahead in the market. It has been made abundantly clear that data analytics can reduce costs, improve customer experience, optimize existing processes, and achieve better-targeted marketing.

In the last few years alone, many companies have taken interest in big data, thanks to its ability to improve data security. Considering the wider use of technological innovations like AI/ML and blockchain technology, the landscape of data analytics is transforming. Organizations cannot afford to avoid adapting to the data analytics trends in business, markets, and technology.

The advancement of real-time data visualization is something businesses can look forward to. The processing of large amounts of data critical to the organization’s operation is made lightning fast, thus enabling businesses to visualize and explore live operational data and derive actionable insights without much effort.

Data-as-a-service (DaaS) becoming more widespread for data integration, management, storage, and analytics is another welcome outcome. As more and more businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud to modernize their infrastructure and workloads, DaaS is a solution that can help them meet this goal.

Since its time of inception, the field of data analytics has remained dynamic. Harnessing the power of data analytics continues to take the users to the top.

10 Innovative Data Analytics Companies to Watch in 2022




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