10 Most Innovative Food Service Management Companies to Watch 2021


Food Service Management: The Need Of The Hour Amidst Changing Food Habits

The foodservice business is responsible for ensuring that its products are safe, correctly packed, and fresh for its customers. It’s easy for individuals in the food sector to feel overwhelmed by shifting client demands and costly health requirements.

Everyone understands that offering delicious, safe, and fresh food is crucial to developing a brand identity and making a profit. Whether it’s a tiny cafe, farmer’s market, or a huge restaurant chain, it is necessary to implement standard food-management practices in order to comply with state and federal requirements.

Foodservice establishments such as diners, coffee shops, and family restaurants grossed approximately $731 billion in 2014, according to the USDA. Managing food safety used to need a lot of paperwork, spreadsheets, and organization. As more restaurants and supermarkets became chains, their food data grew in size and complexity, making management more challenging.

Regulators and inspectors increasingly want concise, well-formatted data that can be easily verified. A single infraction or human error might lead to misunderstanding and potential punishment.

An ideal food safety management system could help in proper management of various food safety processes, and the alleviation of any issues that may arise. Using a straightforward system that guarantees standards are met and laws are followed, businesses can finally get rid of excel sheets and handwritten notes.

10 Most Innovative Food Service Management Companies to Watch 2021

Five Star Food Service, Inc.

Gordon Food Service

Performance Foodservice

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