Cloud-Adoption Success Factor: Understand the Business Drivers

Optimizing the Cost Model Dedicated, owned or leased infrastructure requires capital investment to design and build an IT ecosystem that meets expected peak demand. When not running at peak, that excess capacity equals lost value that you can’t bank for future use. In the cloud, you provide for your needs “a la carte”; you pay […]

Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing has quickly become a relevant technology within the information technology field over the past few years. This technology is powerful and useful but is a dual edge sword as security can become an issue quickly when placing data on web based storage servers. Information security is open broken up into C.I.A. (confidentiality, integrity, […]

Do you really need a CTMS system?

In the not too distant past, if you were running clinical trials, we would never have expected this question to be posed: “do we really need a Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)?” You needed to have a system that would capture and report out information related to the operational progress of your trials, without question. But, […]

Cloud App strategy: Language as a competitive advantage, generalise it prudently

Me and my daughter have a special language. I try to build alternate and different sounding phrases for the common activities. This is not mother tongue, you might rather call it Father tongue. This is how I differentiate myself from my better half when it comes to getting my daughter’s attention. This strategy works most […]