Post-COVID: Is Your Work Environment Safe Enough?

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing significant operational challenges for many businesses across the world and, as more employees are being encouraged to return to work, providing a safe working environment should be the top priority for any business owner. To decrease the spread of the virus many businesses have moved away from traditional workplace environments […]

How can Instagram influencers help restaurants?

All sorts of businesses promote themselves on Instagram these days, but the social media platform has had a huge impact on the restaurant industry in particular. There are a number of ways restaurants can use Instagram, but in this post we’re focusing on influencer marketing. Influencers are people with accounts that have a sizeable number […]

Analytics, Big Data And A Shocking Waste Problem

It’s a shocking fact that in the 21st century more than three quarters of a billion people do not have access to enough food to keep themselves healthy, while 30% of the food produced around the world goes to waste. It’s partly a problem of logistics – it’s expensive to keep food fresh and get […]