10 Best Innovative EdTech Companies To Watch In 2022

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Transform the Learning Experience with Education Technology

The education system is rapidly changing. With education no longer limited to book learning and a physical classroom, the focus is shifting to new and innovative learning methods. Education technology is taking the reins of reforming classrooms by providing a personalized learning experience.

Education Technology (EdTech) or E-learning is a tool to make learning more accessible and engaging. It expands the scope of education beyond hard copies and computer labs in school. It incorporates gadgets such as tablets, iPads, and smartboards to ensure an interactive learning journey. With education technology, classrooms–remote or virtual–are bound to see robots in attendance in the near future, if they have not already.

EdTech creates a unique learning system and finds new solutions to make online learning more customized and easy to absorb. It uses various tools and software that ensure education is accessible to students studying from anywhere in the world and also makes teaching less tiresome and more fun for teachers.

Various tools, such as robots, cloud-based systems, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, eBooks, and digital libraries, create digital classrooms and devise innovative ways of learning. Teachers can conduct classes, share presentations, and hold seminars and conferences through applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Instead of attending classes on-campus or in-person, students can upload their assignments on a single online platform from their accounts.

EdTech is an effective and convenient solution to reform and promote digital learning. It builds platforms, creates tools that provide digital books and libraries, and offers students a way to sit in classrooms without being physically present.

10 Best Innovative EdTech Companies To Watch In 2022

Panorama Education

Podium Education

Riiid Labs


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