ONUG Spring 2021 | Claim Your Free Spot with CIOCoverage

Claim Your Free Spot with CIOCoverage Join a global gathering of IT and business leaders who are building, running and securing the enterprise cloud. Participate in interactive discussions, Q&A, and  keynotes delivered by world renowned business and technology leaders. From infrastructure, to platforms to software, you will meet the companies and individuals empowering the creation […]

American SCMS (Supply Chain Management Strategies) Summit 2021

CIOCoverage is an official media partner with American SCMS (Supply Chain Management Strategies) Summit 2021. For all our dear readers and visitors, please use CODE- CIO20 to get discount The American SCMS Summit is a hybrid event! We know that although demand for physical events is high, many companies and countries have travel restrictions in […]

How to deal with negative reviews

With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for all types of food and drink businesses across the globe. It allows you to express the human side of your business and keep your audience up to date and entertained with news and engaging posts. But it’s not just social media […]

3 Missed Opportunities in Telehealth

Are you overlooking these ways to engage more patients remotely? The use of telehealth skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as both patients and doctors rapidly adopted the technology to minimize exposure risk while maintaining patients’ health. Telemedicine will likely wane after the height of the pandemic, experts predict, but usage will remain higher than before. […]

The Rise of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Industry: How It Saves Lives.

We had a virtual meet with Mr. Srinath Vallakirthy to understand how analytics is changing the game for patients.  Thanks to healthcare organizations’ innovative approaches. Can you walk us how data science/AI is revolutionizing in the healthcare Industry?  From improved diagnosis to timely detection of diseases, artificial intelligence has been making positive contributions towards the […]

Essential Considerations for CTMS Integrations and Data Migrations

Clinical research sites that are in the process of investigating clinical trial management system (CTMS) adoption are finding that the site CTMS space is in flux with mergers, discontinued products, and new start-ups looking to drive innovation. It can be challenging to focus on what’s important to each individual site as they evaluate the available […]

The “other” LIMS functions

The analytical and reporting processes attributed to LIMS (LIS) are well documented and known to analysts, laboratory managers and directors. However, LIMS offer many valuable functions, often not explored, in terms of human resources (HR). As with so many functions in the new ways of business, HR is often not onsite every day, making the […]

CTMS Implementation Success: Top Five Steps to Keep You On Track

CTMS implementation success might seem not that easy, especially when utilizing this kind of software for the first time. In this case it is important to have a very well sketched plan that will help you with the initial steps to get everything in place. The beginning is the toughest part and this is the […]