10 IBM Solution Providers to Watch in 2022


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The use of new technology, skills, and procedures to improve corporate operations and satisfy customers is referred to as digital transformation. Computer-based technology is incorporated into an organization’s products, procedures, and strategy. Digital transformation is used by businesses to better engage and serve their employees and consumers, and so increase their competitiveness. It’s a critical strategic undertaking that’s become even more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

That being said, while many businesses have embarked on a digital transformation in response to a specific competitive threat or market shift, it has never been about implementing a one-time solution. Its purpose is to lay a technical and operational basis, evolve, and respond as quickly as possible to unpredictably changing consumer demands, market conditions, and local or global events.

Organizations can effectively respond to client expectations in the present and as they change thanks to digital technologies and processes. In addition, digital transformation creates the infrastructure and capabilities necessary to take advantage of rapidly changing technologies that can provide a competitive edge.

To achieve a competitive advantage and radically redefine how to provide value to customers, a business needs to develop a digital-first business strategy. With IBM’s business strategy and technological skills, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation journey.

10 IBM Solution Providers to Watch in 2022


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