Digital PayExpo 2021 | 50+ Exhibitors from across the world

CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Digital PayExpo 2021 for Digital and Contactless Payments special edition. Nearly a year of trial-by-fire, pandemic-era learning within the payments business has not only provided some great lessons but has also set the stage for some major advances in 2021 and beyond. E-commerce is growing rapidly, with worldwide […]

The Open Banking Revolution – Time for Change

What is Open Banking and why should I care? Open banking is the use of public application programming interfaces — most commonly called Open APIs — to enable third-party developers to build apps and services around more traditional banking and financial services In addition to the Open APIs empowering this, open banking also refers to […]

Enterprise Risk Management and the Unprecedented

The 21st century opened with a slew of “unprecedented” events crash, 9/11, the financial crisis of 2008, SARS, Eboli, BREXIT, and COVID-19 to name a few.  So many that one has to wonder if “unprecedented” is the new normal. This onslaught highlighted the need for improved risk identification and a more effective way to quantify […]

The American Food Innovate Summit

The American Food Innovate Summit is going virtual!  In a new normal where travelling is difficult, we are fortunate to live in a time where technology allows us ways to get around the restrictions. Join us online next March, alongside leading food innovators, professionals and experts discussing the newest innovations, technologies and developments in the […]

Understanding Laboratory Software Services Markups and Subcontracting

Markup and Subcontracting:       Some of the preferred vendors have to subcontract to other firms to get laboratory software people for their customers’ projects because many preferred vendors that operate within large companies are huge firms that don’t happen to specialize in providing laboratory software resources. In some cases, the subcontracts are subcontracted to subcontracts and […]

MarketsandMarkets World Pharma Logistics and Supply Chain Conference – VIRTUAL EVENT

MarketsandMarkets World Pharma Logistics and Supply Chain Conference – VIRTUAL EVENT Due to growing concerns about COVID-19, the MarketsandMarkets World Pharma Logistics and Supply Chain Conference is going fully virtual this year. We are disappointed that we are not able to come together in person in June for this event, but we are so thrilled […]

Cloud-Adoption Success Factor: Understand the Business Drivers

Optimizing the Cost Model Dedicated, owned or leased infrastructure requires capital investment to design and build an IT ecosystem that meets expected peak demand. When not running at peak, that excess capacity equals lost value that you can’t bank for future use. In the cloud, you provide for your needs “a la carte”; you pay […]

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: The Life-Saving Technology That Will Transform Healthcare using actionable insights

Artificial Intelligence is called the new nervous system of the healthcare domain. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Health information comprises of training databases for health data, medical data exchange clinical decision support system, creation, and use of knowledge. Medical data and healthcare statistics have now evolved as a separate domain called Health Informatics. Technology aids […]